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About Sohale

Born and raised in London, Sohale grew up in a working class environment and completed his formal education at university with an Honours Degree in Business Economics.

Sohale later developed himself into a Business Consultant gaining experience and expertise in Asset Management, Dispute Resolution, Investment, Financing and Construction, on instructions from a variety of private clients.

Since 2001, Sohale has actively volunteered his time in promoting good community relations. His expertise in such matters is deeply rooted in his own varied life experiences allowing him to deliver unique solutions. Sohale has been consulted by various statutory bodies including Police Forces, NHS, Community Groups, Schools and the Media on issues concerning Racism, Culture, Education, Policy and Terrorism.

Sohale served on two Independent Advisory Groups for the police, a Community Cohesion Strategy Group for a county council, diversity forums and is a partner in his local Racial Equality Council. In 2009 Sohale stood as an Independent Candidate in the European Parliamentary Elections for the London Region.

In 2004, Sohale created a unique pilot project called ‘Young Impressions’. He sent primary school children from rural Norfolk on a diversity trip to London, visiting the Neasden Temple, Regent’s Park Mosque, a London primary school and Southall. The project was an amazing success and televised on the Politics Show, BBC London and BBC Look East. One child felt it was the best day of her life!

Sohale has also voluntarily championed the causes of various individuals to access justice through Employment Tribunals and County Court actions and various other matters dealt with by correspondence.

Sohale coached a primary school chess club and led the club to success in every tournament and match they played and currently coaches a local school chess club.


Sohale enjoys all aspects of motorsport whether as a spectator, driver or mechanic. He previously held a racing licence and competed in a televised one-make championship.


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